Psychologists study to understand mental processes, brain function and behaviour

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a scientific study of behaviour and includes conscious and unconscious concepts, including feelings and thoughts. Psychologists are involved in studying and understanding mental processes, brain function and behaviour. The field of psychology is connected to the medical sciences, social sciences and education. Psychology and psychologists work to search the critical aspects of the brain and human behaviour, which are categorised into several areas.

  • Behavioural Neuroscience (biology and function, stress and the brain, immune regulation and the brain, neurobiology of cognitive control)
  • Clinical psychology (Mood and personality disorders, behavioural adaptation to chronic health problems, mindfulness and cognitive functioning in older adults)
  • Cognitive psychology controlling attention in complex tasks, decision processes, perception, action and language)
  • social psychology (Automatic and deliberative attitudes, Influences on Judgment, behaviour and information processes, similarities in the brain activity crossing people in similar thought, attitudes and belief)